XP16 important updates for students in school

Dear parents & carers,


It has been great to see our XP16 students back in school.

All students need to come into school for 9.15am this Friday (25th September) for a Community meeting. We will be discussing plans moving forward in their programme of study and then focusing on year 13 students with UCAS references and moving on from XP. The year 12 students will spend this time for pastoral care and other life skills.

From Monday 28th September students need to be back in school from 9.15am – 3.15pm everyday. It is important for students to be studying between taught sessions in a supportive environment. 

Students need to register at 9,15am in their first session with their teacher. Any students that are not in a taught session will register with me at 9.15am at the top of the main steps in the XP16 area.

If students need to leave school for any reason before 3.15pm each day have prior permission from myself and must sign out at reception before they leave for fire regulations and safe guarding.

If you have any further questions or would like to talk with me regarding your child’s programme of study in XP16 please feel free to phone or email me.

Moving forward all information and blog posts will be put onto the XP East website and not this one so please subscribe to the notifications so you don’t miss anything.



Post 16 Lead

Outdoor Expedition Trust Lead