XP16 for 2021/22

XP16 is a specialised provision for the creative arts and provides three pathways:

  • Art & Design
  • Music Technology (Higher Rhythm)
  • Creative Media (Higher Rhythm)

Art & Design promotional video

Here is a link to Higher Rhythm which will give you more information about what they offer. Higher Rhythm offer a number of other courses as well as the 2 mentioned above.

Each pathway can be studied to Level 3 National Extended Diploma, which is equivalent to three A Levels.

XP16 is based around three central, reflective questions:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • Where do I want to go?

Careers education, information, advice and guidance

XP works in partnership with Doncaster Skills Academy to provide the best independent advice and guidance and local knowledge.

Personal Development

A comprehensive personal development programme is delivered alongside the continuation of Crew, our pastoral system.

The programme can include:

  • Looking after yourself – cooking, cleaning, personal finance, legal rights and duties, careers and pathways
  • Working with others – complementing our existing ways of working through individual and team work, with academic and pastoral support to ensure this.
  • Presenting yourself – preparing portfolios, CVs, UCAS forms, and further building of relationships with potential universities, employers or apprenticeships.


A student’s physical portfolio will contain work they are most proud of such as: reflective pieces, qualifications, references and links to digital work contained in their digital portfolio. Their portfolios will be of high quality and present each student in their best light. They will have full access to their digital portfolio after they leave school.


XP16 students have their own base in XP East, which allows them to have a sense of independence while still enjoying the resources of both XP and XP East, acting as stewards and role models to our younger students.

XP16 sessions start at 9:15am through to 3:15pm.

Students can work flexibly at the school from 8:30am until 4:30pm

Apply now

Email [email protected] to apply for a place at XP16