Crew mentor group hangout KAP

It was lovely to hangout with Tom, Ethan, Taylor, Toby and Rory today. We had a quick check in about what has been good over the past week and what wasn’t so good. These ranged from the weather, finding it difficult to get on with work, having to paint half the house etc, (however doing jobs like this at home can be used for your DofE voluntary section!)

Speaking of DofE, I sent letters out to a number of parents regards enrolling students onto the Gold DofE award scheme last week. If you can do this as soon as possible this will help them to easily upload evidence to their eDofE accounts. There are loads of ways they can complete their DofE at home from helping with chores in the house, walking the dog, exercising from home, playing a musical instrument etc etc.

We also discussed that all students are expected to attend the whole year group hangout which takes place on a Monday morning at 11am. This week’s session was focused on DofE and then continued with the topic of financial skills that Mr Said has been leading for the past few weeks. This is a brilliant skill for students to understand To support them when they leave school.

Moving forward each mentor group is going to become a ‘crew mentor group’ so we are currently discussing how to name the crews. At the moment we’ve had suggestions of Mountains, continents, inspiring young people or Miss Stonier’s suggestion of cheeses…… I mentioned this to my crew as a joke but they thought it was a brilliant idea… oh dear!

The holidays start after the weekend and although teachers are not setting any new work over the 2 weeks (as far as I’m aware) I’d like to ask students in my crew to use some of the time to catch up on any work that is overdue. This will put them in a much better position after the holiday.

And to end on a really high note, Ethan in my crew did a mock chemistry A level paper this week and got an overall grade B in it which is absolutely brilliant at this stage in the 2 year course, well done Ethan, you are doing amazingly despite this lockdown!

Have a good week everyone and I’ll check in again soon.