School reopening details

Please find a link to the new ‘school reopening: support for parents’ website that we have created in order to help our community to understand the changes for the return of our students in the last week of August.

As you will see, we have produced a series of videos that explain:

  • the rationale behind the planned changes
  • overview of the safety measures
  • details for the first week back and the staggered approach to students returning
  • helping students to get back into the swing of things
  • how PE will work
  • individual videos for every year group at XP, XP East and XP16 (zoned locations of ‘bubbles’, entry/exit locations, lunch arrangements, equipment, staggered end of school day times).
  • a section for FAQs
  • Google survey to ask any questions

We have worked hard to produce such detailed resources because we want to reassure parents about the comprehensive plans that we have in place, and to let our community know well in advance of the changes that we have made.

We have also produced this video which explains how the website works, and we encourage all parents to please take the time between now and the week beginning 24th August to make themselves aware of the changes.

Click on the image below to access the XP16 section of our reopening website.