Welcome to XP16

XP16 continues in following our world acclaimed, highly successful expeditionary teaching and learning model which all XPTrust schools follow, from primary to post16 provision. Together with our strong ethos, as you work hard to get smart while being kind, we focus relentlessly on character growth and beautiful work as well as delivering rigorous qualifications. All XP16 staff are highly experienced in expeditionary and thematic teaching, skilfully creating a curriculum which is student centred, personalised and delivered in small bespoke class sizes.

The XP16 study programmes are co-constructed by the student, parents and the Head of XP16 and are based around three central, reflective questions:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • Where do I want to go?

Building on these questions our successful and unique 3-Dimensional Curriculum offers you excellence in:

  • Rigorous taught academic qualifications leading to Academic Success
  • Expeditions with Beautiful Work
  • Character Growth through “crew” support

At XP16 all students participate in crew character growth sessions throughout the week, tailored to your individual needs. This unique wrap around support enables us to relentlessly focus on each and every one of you becoming the Very Best Version of themselves.

Although each XP16 pathway is different, all are equally as rigorous, tailor made, and each offer will be a completely personalised learning experience which will ensure all our students are fully prepared to be successful in the modern world.